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We pride ourselves on having one of the cleanest shops in the area.  There is almost always some type of fun project going on at Seven Lakes Marine Service.  The type of service we can provide and level to detail is top notch!

Donzi 22 Classic Repower

This boat came to us over the summer and had seen better days.  The owner used to owner a Marina on Lake Winnipesaukee and was referred to us for our experience with high performance boats.  The engine old engine was full of salt water and had some issues to say the least.  These folks left here very happy customers and were using the boat for the rest of summer.

21 Superboat with a Mercury Racing 2.5L 280HP

This boat is in immaculate shape and a true time capsule.  The engine has not run right since it was rebuilt.  We found quite a few issues with water intrusion through the adapter plate and the plate itself was cracked!  Talk about a safety issue.  This local business owner has become one our favorite customers here at Seven Lakes Marine Service.

Fish Finder Mounting and Gauge Relocation

The president of the New Hampshire Bass Nation came to us with an idea.  He wanted to relocate his current gauges behind the wheel so he can mount another graph.  After a few location changes we made it look as good as coming out of the factory.  

Bullet 21 XDC Repower

This is our friend and customer Jay.  He repowered his awesome Bullet bass boat with one of the last Mercury Racing 300XS engines to come off the production line.  This is truly a phenomenal machine that catches fish as well as cruises great across the ruff stuff.

Mercury Racing 300X Powerhead Rebuild

This 30' Spectre is owned by a local business owner and blew the port side powerhead over the summer.  He wanted it rebuilt to factory specs and brought it here.  Needless to say he ended up having a great summer once it was put back together. 


We are your Northeast dealer for Bullet Bass Boats!